Have you ever seen those Babylegs at a boutique or in the mall and thought, "those are so cute, BUT there is no way I'm paying that much!" That's what we thought, too. Then a friend and I decided to do something about it. We came up with Leg-i-licious wear. They are great for keeping your child's legs or arms warm during both the cold months or in the cool mornings/evenings of the warmer months. Wear with just a onesie, under pants to prevent their bare legs from being exposed to cool air with that gap that happens between pants and socks, under skirts or even shorts. They also wear well with short sleeve shirts for older children. My 11 year old sister loves them! They allow her to add an extra layer for the cool mornings or when it is chilly in class and then she can take them off whenever she chooses with no hassle. You've gotta love them!

Only $6.00 a pair!
Check out the styles below and if you see something you like email me at



*Note the Argyle style leggings don't stretch as well as the striped. Therefore, they not recommended for legs or arms larger than 13 inches around.

How To Buy

If you see any you like, email me at leg.i.licious@gmail.com and let me know.
I am located in the Provo/Orem, Utah area. If you are local, we can arrange a time for you to pick up a pair. For all those outside Utah, shipping can be arranged.
Cost is $6.75 per pair with a credit card or $6.00 cash (tax included).